Vanessa Eaves
The best food in town by far, with plenty of vegetarian choices on the menu. Friendly staff and a very relaxed atmosphere make this a great place to eat. Oh and you can see in the kitchen, where happy talented people are hard at work.

Ian Lambert
Baba Ganoush is without doubt the jewel in Kendal’s culinary crown. Absolutely top class food beautifully served day in day out by lovely staff! It is now and has been for some time part of our weekend “treat ourselves” routine and long may it continue, well done guys!

I am very hard to please, thats because I have a restaurant of my own, but this lady who owns this and the little deli across the passageway is top drawer stuff. The menu is excellent, well delivered, well priced and well presented. The staff look like they are enjoying themselves and most importantly, know their products. We arrived at 1pm on a a very sunny busy saturday afternoon and there where just 2 tables left. We ordered our food and drinks and this was efficiently delivered whithin less than 10 mins. I had the salmon salad and my wife had the ham salad of which were excellent. The reason this lady is busy is because she has had a great idea with great theatre and superb food which does not rip of the customer.
Miss this restaurant and you are missing out. Its the best in Kendal by far.
The Competition should be shaking in their boots because I would be.

Visited July 2011
Baba Ganoush is a daytime cafe which can be found down a quiet alley off one of Kendal’s shopping streets. We love the well presented, reasonably priced, menu and the range of excellent specials they offer. What really stood out on our second visit was the fact that the staff remembered us from a couple of weeks before ( for all the right reasons I hasten to add! ) . From our experience, they make everyone feel welcome and give prompt and attentive service. They probably have the best brownies in Kendal (if not the UK) and it is hard to resist them to try something else. We bravely did so recently and tried the blueberry and almond tart-WOW!

You can see the food being prepared at the rear of the cafe and this inspires confidence in the care and attention given to each meal.

They also have a deli opposite the cafe which has the most wonderful range of quality products, both local and from further afield.